The list grows.

As I said last night, we had originally planned on 35 merchants, plus our own stores, on one sim.  I then said if we hit 60 applications, I’ll expand it to two sims.

2 days into applications being open and currently we are at 52.  Again, if we hit 60 (this seems likely, as applications are open throughout November), we will expand the event to two sims and up the cap to 75 (which is the same cap we use for World Goth Fair.)

We should have event posters and standees in the upcoming week.  I’ll send out preliminary merchant packs and vendor group invites at that time.  The standees always take us a few days, so please be patient.


Thanks everyone, for your support. We honestly didn’t expect the response to be like this but we’re sure glad everyone wants to join us!


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NYC Native. INTJ Poster Child. Carbon Based. Designer.

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