5 applications away…

The current merchant count is 55. At 60, we will roll to two sims, and raise the final cap to 75. Lokii busted ass today and got a TON of signs and standees done (and she did the posters, thank goodness, because I hate doing event posters… Thank you, Pottamus <3) As soon as she hands them off to me, I’ll start sending them out along with group invites.

Ive re-consolidated the groups into one- Cursed Events (having three groups, which seemed like a good idea at the time, has turned out to be a giant pain in the ass) so if youre in the WGF/ACS groups you can drop them when you get your Cursed Events invite.  Im not sure what I’ll do with the groups – maybe open them to shoppers. But I won’t deal with it til spring.


Anyway, we need 5 people to hop on board and we’re headed for two sims.


I’ve posted the current merchant list, and I update it at least once a day. As of this writing it’s accurate.  Hopefully we’ll hit 60 by this time tomorrow. 🙂


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