And then there were two.

Very soon after last night’s post, we hit 60 applications. We’re now officially at two sims.


The sims are Cursed (which is the original sim, and adult) and Sium, which is a moderate/mature sim. They are not adjacent (just like World Goth Fair.) We couldn’t use Port Seraphine because it’s under construction right now and there’s just not enough prims to handle it, so Sium it is.  Thank you to Ely Hynes for offering it to us <3.

That means that the cap is at 75 merchants, and I need to decide who is going to go where. If you’re a merchant *already on the list*, please tell me (because I’m the one who has to make a note of it) if you have a sim preference. If you don’t tell me, I’ll assume you don’t have one, and put you wherever works out best.  Each sim will have 10 sponsor slots (just like World Goth Fair- we are nothing if not consistent.)

If you make anything for children- you need to tell me, so I can make sure you wind up on Sium.  I would rather not have any kid related stuff on Cursed, due to both SL and sim rules.  Isley, I have you covered already, it’s all good.

The current number of open merchant slots is 14.  I plan to get posters and invites out to people today.  You will get an inworld package and a group invite.  SL often eats group invites. So if you miss it, IM me (Axi Kurmin) or Lokii Violet or Sonya Marmurek and we can invite you (Neph is never on her Neph account so asking her is pointless.)  PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS GOTH- don’t send me notecards.  I’m begging here. All my offlines go to email. You can IM me.  Also you can email me at bronxelf at gmail dot com, which is my normal, usual email. I WILL see it.  But the problem with notecards is they don’t actually *tell me anything*, forcing me to log in to read it, when an email or offline would actually give me useful information.

We only need 14 people to sell the event out completely. Let’s get this thing done.




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