5 slots left til we’re sold out completely.

Hey gang! Just a short update of bullet points to keep things current:


  • I’ve done an update to the merchant list. The sponsor locations are now set.  There are still 23 merchants who haven’t given me a sim preference (that I have written down anyway…) It’s totally okay not to have a preference, but please let me know that so I can mark it off on my list.   I’m trying to ensure that people who *do* have a preference for whatever reason get the location they want.
  • I will be getting the sponsor page up at some point this week.  If you’re a sponsor and haven’t yet sent me your logo, please send it in reply to the email I sent you confirming your sponsorship.
  • Blogger applications will open on the 15th.
  • Also, if you missed it in group notices, please check there- there’s a typo on the cards in the signs that blows the URL to the website (I put a , instead of a .) I dropped a new card into group notices. You can just replace the one in your sign with the new one. Thanks to  Sangi Phaeton for catching it- it’s so tiny on my screen I never even saw it.
  • Perhaps most importantly, we have only 5 merchant slots remaining.  Once we fill those, I will roll everyone else to the waiting list. We have never NOT needed to pull people from the waiting list, so if you’re on it, there’s a decent chance we’re going to ask you to fill in. All waiting list merchants will be added to the group so they can keep up to date with info.

I think that’s everything… More info to come, as always.


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