We are SOLD OUT. :)

Gothmas by Gaslight 2013 is now sold out.

HOWEVER:  If you had meant to apply, please do it ANYWAY.  People *often* drop out and we need people on the waiting list to fill the slots. We’ve had one person drop already.  On average, we need 5-7 people on the waiting list per event due to people dropping out.  It just happens, especially around the holidays.

We will invite you to the event group *even if you’re on the waiting list* to keep abreast of developments.  So please do continue to apply.  Also, as previously mentioned, blogger apps are now open, so if you wanted blogger access, you should fill that app out and Sonya will get to it.

I’ll be assigning final booth placements this weekend.  🙂


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NYC Native. INTJ Poster Child. Carbon Based. Designer.

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