Creators, Bloggers and the Great Circle of SLife

Through the Glass

Through the Glass by GiaNikai

Gothmas by Gaslight has been open for a few days now and we can all breathe again. (At least those who do such things as breathing.) Except the bloggers. It is the great Circle of SLife that when the creators have finished their work in an event and set up, the bloggers begin their work for real.

I have been a part of the Cursed Events team for three events now, dealing with blogger-related matters and I could not be more proud of them. Our events tend to appeal to the strange and the wonderful: goth, steampunk, cyberpunk, dieselgoth, dark Victoriana… they are not easy styles for bloggers to tackle unless they are already drawn to them. It seems that many of the bloggers who fit in these genres have found us and decided to stick with us. We never aimed to create any sort of permanent blogger-base, but it seems the bloggers decided otherwise!

We are not going to wrap them in a pretty packet and call it our precious: lives are busy and a lot can happen in the few months there tends to be between our events. Every event has its own application process, so no one needs to worry about obligations far in the unseen future. I am simply saying it is heartwarming to see the familiar faces and names returning.

I admit a strong bias toward imagination and creative thinking in photography and I have a huge soft spot for excellent writing skills. Fortunately our bloggers are stars in all those fields.

Cursed Events has always had very relaxed blogging rules: be respectful toward everyone involved, blog what inspires you and enjoy the event. Looking at the results, that is exactly what our bloggers do. Event after event.

Thank you.

Gothmas Glamour

Gothmas Glamour by Alisa Perne


2 thoughts on “Creators, Bloggers and the Great Circle of SLife

  1. Tiggy says:

    What an amazing way to say thank you! I feel so absolutely honoured to be part of the event this year and am having more fun than I ever imagined! Merry Ho Ho Ho!

  2. So glad to be on board this year! Just an all around amazing experience. A ton of thanks also to the designers ❤

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