…and on to New Year.

BitsyB – GXG – Jasmine’s Oasis Dress – Mahogany, by Tigist Sapphire


I had meant to post on Gothmas itself but it just didn’t happen that way.  Not that I was doing anything special, I just needed some sleep.  I now have a ton of emails and IMs to answer, and I find it kind of amusing- I am pretty sure I’m the only one on the Cursed Events team that doesn’t actually celebrate a holiday on the 25th IRL.  But I do hope that everyone that does celebrate had a wonderful time in whatever way is meaningful for them.

The week before Gothmas in SL is a strange time. The grid goes basically silent as people are so busy running around IRL that they have no time to do anything else. The pressure is palpable, and so the grid becomes akin to a ghost town. Which, on the upside makes it fantastic to take photos in, since no one is really around.  I do know that our blogging team didn’t take much, if any of a vacation themselves, as the posts and photos continue to pour into the flickr pool.

The Gothmas Reindeer, by Autumn Amaranth

I’m always so amazed and tickled by the photos the bloggers give us, and the posts they work so hard to create. I know that I personally hate blogging (really, I mean this.) and so I can deeply appreciate people who willingly and cheerfully do that which I can only muster grudging strength to accomplish.

As I’ve wandered around the event (and believe it or not I’ve only really seen 3/4 of one sim fully) I’ve been pleased with the demonstrations of creativity, and so far done a fair bit of shopping myself!  Now that Gothmas itself is over, and we’re headed toward the new year, the grid has started to re-awaken, as people slowly filter back in, stuffed on more food and overwhelmed with the whole “too many people” thing, looking for a quiet wander.

However, for those who are big fans of such data, I can say for sure that in the first week of this year’s event, we’ve outdone last year’s whole event.  Thank you so very much to everyone who helped make that feat possible.  We’ve had a huge, huge year at Cursed Events. Every event we did this year exceeded our expectations by leaps and bounds – this one included so far and really, we keep our expectations pretty mild for this event due to its timing.  The support everyone has given us this year has been tremendous and we cannot find enough ways to say thank you. All of us are continually amazed and humbled by the support our team has gotten from everyone, and we will continue to do… well whatever it is we did to cause this again next year (really, we have no idea what we did, we just mostly put our heads down and do our jobs.)

Gothmas, by Duchess Flux


But before we even get to 2014 (and remember, we will start the ball rolling toward Futurewave on New Year’s Day), we have one more week in 2013 – so come on up!  Look around, grab some gothy winter gear, because next year you’ll think “well I wish I’d bought that….” (I know I will, if I don’t grab it all NOW NOW NOW), and take some beautiful pictures.  It’s definitely more fun than fighting your way through a crowd of tourists in midtown.  Trust me on that one.





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2 thoughts on “…and on to New Year.

  1. Janet Waverider says:

    I just wanted to say, this is my first Cursed event that I have attended, and I was alittle let down. Since October I have been hearing news items in the SL Goth world about this steampunk/Victorian fair called Gothmas by Gaslight, least thats how I perceived it. Now my wife and myself went to Horrorfest in October, found many stores we liked, grabbed LM’s and went their and bought their products. I am Victorian Goth, my wife is Industrial.We both were abit surprised that Gotmas by Gaslight wasn’t as Victorian as we thought, in fact there seemed to be several stores there that we wouldn’t consider Goth at all. Now maybe we assumed ourselves into thinking this would be a pure Victorian/Steampunk event. But the bottom line is at Horrorfest we came away with over 30 LMs to stores we wished to further check out, at Gothmas we walked away with less then 20. OH and i really think you should open all Cursed groups to everybody, not just merchants and such. TY for your time…..Janet Waverider

    • bronxelf says:

      As happens we do have other groups we planned on opening to everyone (though we’re not going to be opening the merchant group.) for each event. The problem we’re having is that no one has the time to moderate them, and we can’t just leave them entirely unmoderated. We have the groups already, and we were going to use them for shoppers and gacha traders this year but no one one the team could take the time out to moderate the group. Maybe next year- as I said, we had the groups already.

      In our merchant faq we are clear that you don’t need to have a gothshop to be in the event. It’s not nearly as strict as our other events (the why of this is explained in the previous post before this one), and if we were, due to how dead the grid is this time of year, the truth is that it would put an additional pressure on merchants that just isn’t worth it. Concurrency drops to nearly nothing in the week before Christmas, and forcing additional rules on merchants at a time when the grid is all but deserted just isn’t a good plan.

      We are stricter about our other events, but due to the way the grid ones at the end of December, it’s meant to be an easy one for the merchants.

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