Gifts for Gothmas!

Our First Gothmas Together

Our First Gothmas Together by Alisa Perne

If you see something you like when visiting Gothmas by Gaslight, you might also be able to gift it to your friends and family. We had new gifting-enabled vendors available for those merchants who wanted to use such. The vendors are marked with gifting option words and if in doubt, you can simply edit-check the contents to see if the script has gifting option mentioned in its name.

The gifting works so that you pay the vendor normally and then a special menu with the gifting option will pop up. You will need to know the UUID of the person you want to send the gift to and insert it so the script knows who the recipient is. Since we do not use networked vendors and LSL operates on UUIDs, not names, this was the only way to make it work.

If you use a viewer that has the old style profiles in use (like Firestorm), you can see the UUID on top of the profile, right under the avatar’s name. If you use the official viewer or web profiles, things get trickier. Click here for the information on how to find the UUID in that case. 

Come over to enjoy the snow and silence, to share the gifts of the darkest of seasons!

Gothmas by Gaslight: Cursed | Sium


Blogger Applications Are Open!

Countdown to Gothmas by Alisa Perne

It’s one month until Gothmas begins, let there be countdown! So without further ado: the blogger applications are open, please read the information carefully before applying.

Here’s a wonderful Gothmas description from Axi, just to get you all in the right mood:

“Gothmas is a darker, more beautiful holiday season.

It is the time of year when darkness fully takes hold, keeping daylight at bay as long as possible. The night air is cold and crystal, and the smell of cloves is in the air, though you aren’t sure if that’s someone’s cookies or the clove cigarettes you passed a moment ago.

Weather is unpredictable – snow dashes the ground in drifts, making the contrast between light and shadow ever more vast.

It is a time of velvet and lace, of jewels and silver. The time of fireplaces and mournful melodies to be shared amongst those that understand the beauty of the almost silent.”

Click here for the blogger info and application.

Creators, Bloggers and the Great Circle of SLife

Through the Glass

Through the Glass by GiaNikai

Gothmas by Gaslight has been open for a few days now and we can all breathe again. (At least those who do such things as breathing.) Except the bloggers. It is the great Circle of SLife that when the creators have finished their work in an event and set up, the bloggers begin their work for real.

I have been a part of the Cursed Events team for three events now, dealing with blogger-related matters and I could not be more proud of them. Our events tend to appeal to the strange and the wonderful: goth, steampunk, cyberpunk, dieselgoth, dark Victoriana… they are not easy styles for bloggers to tackle unless they are already drawn to them. It seems that many of the bloggers who fit in these genres have found us and decided to stick with us. We never aimed to create any sort of permanent blogger-base, but it seems the bloggers decided otherwise!

We are not going to wrap them in a pretty packet and call it our precious: lives are busy and a lot can happen in the few months there tends to be between our events. Every event has its own application process, so no one needs to worry about obligations far in the unseen future. I am simply saying it is heartwarming to see the familiar faces and names returning.

I admit a strong bias toward imagination and creative thinking in photography and I have a huge soft spot for excellent writing skills. Fortunately our bloggers are stars in all those fields.

Cursed Events has always had very relaxed blogging rules: be respectful toward everyone involved, blog what inspires you and enjoy the event. Looking at the results, that is exactly what our bloggers do. Event after event.

Thank you.

Gothmas Glamour

Gothmas Glamour by Alisa Perne