Gifts for Gothmas!

Our First Gothmas Together

Our First Gothmas Together by Alisa Perne

If you see something you like when visiting Gothmas by Gaslight, you might also be able to gift it to your friends and family. We had new gifting-enabled vendors available for those merchants who wanted to use such. The vendors are marked with gifting option words and if in doubt, you can simply edit-check the contents to see if the script has gifting option mentioned in its name.

The gifting works so that you pay the vendor normally and then a special menu with the gifting option will pop up. You will need to know the UUID of the person you want to send the gift to and insert it so the script knows who the recipient is. Since we do not use networked vendors and LSL operates on UUIDs, not names, this was the only way to make it work.

If you use a viewer that has the old style profiles in use (like Firestorm), you can see the UUID on top of the profile, right under the avatar’s name. If you use the official viewer or web profiles, things get trickier. Click here for the information on how to find the UUID in that case. 

Come over to enjoy the snow and silence, to share the gifts of the darkest of seasons!

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