Update: Merchant things, sponsor things, event things.

What. Coming up with witty titles isn’t easy.  I’m not a writer, you know.

I got all the booth slots assigned on the merchant list.  If anyone needs their booth switched to the other sim they should probably say something.

I’m still waiting on two blurbs from sponsors, and several sponsors have to pay their sponsor fee.  All sponsor fees are due by November 30.  Anyone not paid up by then will lose their sponsor slot (not their booth slot, their sponsor slot) to the next person on the sponsor waiting list (and to be genuinely honest I’ll be disinclined to let that person sign on as a sponsor again- it’s a pain in the ass to have to keep shuffling things around when this happens.)

We’re still sold out, and currently we have 3 people on the waiting list.  Again, we OFTEN need waiting list folks so if you meant to apply, please do so. Especially during the holidays people can find themselves overwhelmed and needing to drop out of events on short notice.

Not actually about GxG at all, but about Cursed Events in general, I want to thank everyone for the enormous amount of support and votes of confidence we’ve gotten in the past several weeks.  Tangentially related, yesterday I had a conversation with the ever lovely Sian Pearl, owner of MetaTheodora about event organization (which in my mind is actually “Design Project Management”) which after an hour of lively chatter resulted in this:

In 2014 there will be a fourth event added to the Cursed Events schedule – a science fiction event called Futurewave that will take place beginning February 15 and go through February 23rd (at least that’s what it looks like right now.)  Details later, but apps will open on January 1,and blogger apps will open January 15.  More details as I have them but those are the basics.

But first we have to get through Gothmas.  🙂



We are SOLD OUT. :)

Gothmas by Gaslight 2013 is now sold out.

HOWEVER:  If you had meant to apply, please do it ANYWAY.  People *often* drop out and we need people on the waiting list to fill the slots. We’ve had one person drop already.  On average, we need 5-7 people on the waiting list per event due to people dropping out.  It just happens, especially around the holidays.

We will invite you to the event group *even if you’re on the waiting list* to keep abreast of developments.  So please do continue to apply.  Also, as previously mentioned, blogger apps are now open, so if you wanted blogger access, you should fill that app out and Sonya will get to it.

I’ll be assigning final booth placements this weekend.  🙂

One slot left!

Actually, we were sold out for a while but someone needed to drop out.  So we do have ONE slot left. Also, blogger applications are now open, so if you want to be a GxG blogger, make sure to fill one out.

I’m still waiting to hear from 13 people regarding sim preferences, but if I don’t hear by Monday I’m just going to assign slots anyway.  Also, if you’re a sponsor I really need your sponsor blurb for the page.  I’ll have the front page sponsor logos up sometime over the weekend (it’s a theory. Im running with it.)

Have a great weekend, gang!


3 slots left (also, an important update for sponsors.)

Ok, update time.

Right now, we have 3 merchant slots left for GxG 2013.  After that, we’ll roll to the waiting list (again, we ALWAYS need waiting list people, so really, do apply even if we’re full.) I’m still gathering info as to who wants to be where.  Amusingly, so many people who said they didn’t care came back and said “whoops, my bad.” after they realized they did.  Which is why I waited to assign people. 🙂  But I’m slowly getting people put on one sim or the other.  Now that the sponsor spaces are all set, it’s easier.

But speaking of sponsors…

I’m working on the sponsor page.  Right now, the formatting is miserable (I know.), but Synjari is going to swoop in like Batgirl and fix that mess (I *loathe* doing webwork, so this is her gig. Thank you, Syn. <3)  But I need some info from some people.  I need blurbs from a bunch of stores, and I need Sangi to check her email.  Jalynne – you don’t need to send a logo.  Lokii has one, but her internet connection went down this morning before it transferred. I’ll get it when her net comes back again.  Got it. never mind.

But if the sponsors who *don’t* have blurbs on the page could email me whatever they want it to say, I’d appreciate it. If you have one and want to change it, send me what you want it changed *to*, and I’ll do that.  Once we get that page done and formatted (I’m hoping in the next 36 hours or so), we’ll add the sponsor thumbnails to the front page of the site (It’s just a pain in the ass to do in pieces so I’d rather do it in one shot and be done with it.)

More soon, as usual.



Because like most things I’m fashionably late (and up late) to add this..

When build time draws closer, if I don’t already have your logo (which I’m a packrat, I have most of the usual freakywinkles from WGF and ACS in my folders) please start sending them to me – or if you have UPDATED it – send me that too. I’d like to get them  all collectively gathered up around December 1st so when the booth setups are done I can just start setting everyone up and get Ye Olde Sim Maps done as well in one swoop. (Or I will make Shorstack hunt you down with a bat cannon.) Send to Lokii Violet.

Carry on, and onwards to stuff! And things!

– Loks

5 slots left til we’re sold out completely.

Hey gang! Just a short update of bullet points to keep things current:


  • I’ve done an update to the merchant list. The sponsor locations are now set.  There are still 23 merchants who haven’t given me a sim preference (that I have written down anyway…) It’s totally okay not to have a preference, but please let me know that so I can mark it off on my list.   I’m trying to ensure that people who *do* have a preference for whatever reason get the location they want.
  • I will be getting the sponsor page up at some point this week.  If you’re a sponsor and haven’t yet sent me your logo, please send it in reply to the email I sent you confirming your sponsorship.
  • Blogger applications will open on the 15th.
  • Also, if you missed it in group notices, please check there- there’s a typo on the cards in the signs that blows the URL to the website (I put a , instead of a .) I dropped a new card into group notices. You can just replace the one in your sign with the new one. Thanks to  Sangi Phaeton for catching it- it’s so tiny on my screen I never even saw it.
  • Perhaps most importantly, we have only 5 merchant slots remaining.  Once we fill those, I will roll everyone else to the waiting list. We have never NOT needed to pull people from the waiting list, so if you’re on it, there’s a decent chance we’re going to ask you to fill in. All waiting list merchants will be added to the group so they can keep up to date with info.

I think that’s everything… More info to come, as always.

…eventin’ ain’t easy.

Sorry for the delay, folks.

We had some wacky permissions issues with the signs/standees that took some time to resolve, and then I had to create the SPREADSHEET OF DOOMYDOOM.  (really, it’s a sucky job.)  But.  We are back to being current. Also, we have a sign! That I didn’t have to make(my favorite part!).  Lokii did our event poster (THAAAANK YOOO.) and it looks terrific.

GxG Preliminary Poster

The merchant list is now current.  We got an absolutely insane number of sponsor requests – way more than I’ve ever seen.  I’ve taken the option out of the application because we’re not only full up, we’re bench deep with backups, too.  Thank you to everyone who was so eager to sponsor. Holy cow.

As of this writing the merchant list is current.  I’ve sent group invites and the first merchant pack to everyone.  If you’re looking for it in inventory, it’s an object, and it’s called Gothmas by Gaslight 2013 Merchant Pack 1.  If you’re a sponsor, it’s called Gothmas by Gaslight 2013 Sponsor Pack 1.  (the posters are slightly different. everything else is the same.)

If SL ate your group invite, you can just IM me or Lokii Violet for a new one. SL eats a lot of group invites. It happens. If you have a sim preference, please tell me. Im trying to give everyone *with* a preference the spot they want before I assign everyone else who doesn’t care.

And now, after 24 hours of staring at this spreadsheet, I’m going to go do something *else*.




And then there were two.

Very soon after last night’s post, we hit 60 applications. We’re now officially at two sims.


The sims are Cursed (which is the original sim, and adult) and Sium, which is a moderate/mature sim. They are not adjacent (just like World Goth Fair.) We couldn’t use Port Seraphine because it’s under construction right now and there’s just not enough prims to handle it, so Sium it is.  Thank you to Ely Hynes for offering it to us <3.

That means that the cap is at 75 merchants, and I need to decide who is going to go where. If you’re a merchant *already on the list*, please tell me (because I’m the one who has to make a note of it) if you have a sim preference. If you don’t tell me, I’ll assume you don’t have one, and put you wherever works out best.  Each sim will have 10 sponsor slots (just like World Goth Fair- we are nothing if not consistent.)

If you make anything for children- you need to tell me, so I can make sure you wind up on Sium.  I would rather not have any kid related stuff on Cursed, due to both SL and sim rules.  Isley, I have you covered already, it’s all good.

The current number of open merchant slots is 14.  I plan to get posters and invites out to people today.  You will get an inworld package and a group invite.  SL often eats group invites. So if you miss it, IM me (Axi Kurmin) or Lokii Violet or Sonya Marmurek and we can invite you (Neph is never on her Neph account so asking her is pointless.)  PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS GOTH- don’t send me notecards.  I’m begging here. All my offlines go to email. You can IM me.  Also you can email me at bronxelf at gmail dot com, which is my normal, usual email. I WILL see it.  But the problem with notecards is they don’t actually *tell me anything*, forcing me to log in to read it, when an email or offline would actually give me useful information.

We only need 14 people to sell the event out completely. Let’s get this thing done.



5 applications away…

The current merchant count is 55. At 60, we will roll to two sims, and raise the final cap to 75. Lokii busted ass today and got a TON of signs and standees done (and she did the posters, thank goodness, because I hate doing event posters… Thank you, Pottamus <3) As soon as she hands them off to me, I’ll start sending them out along with group invites.

Ive re-consolidated the groups into one- Cursed Events (having three groups, which seemed like a good idea at the time, has turned out to be a giant pain in the ass) so if youre in the WGF/ACS groups you can drop them when you get your Cursed Events invite.  Im not sure what I’ll do with the groups – maybe open them to shoppers. But I won’t deal with it til spring.


Anyway, we need 5 people to hop on board and we’re headed for two sims.


I’ve posted the current merchant list, and I update it at least once a day. As of this writing it’s accurate.  Hopefully we’ll hit 60 by this time tomorrow. 🙂

Well, that was unexpected.

The original 35 Gothmas by Gaslight slots sold out in less than 12 hours.  Right now, the total is at 42.  If we get 60 before applications close on November 30, I’ll arrange for a second sim.  If we get the second sim, our max will be 75 vendors, same as WGF.

So  please encourage people to continue applying.  I’m happy to arrange for a second sim if the demand warrants it.

For those waiting on blogger applications, Sonya tells me they’ll be open on the 15th.  Meantime, merchants? Go for it.