…eventin’ ain’t easy.

Sorry for the delay, folks.

We had some wacky permissions issues with the signs/standees that took some time to resolve, and then I had to create the SPREADSHEET OF DOOMYDOOM.  (really, it’s a sucky job.)  But.  We are back to being current. Also, we have a sign! That I didn’t have to make(my favorite part!).  Lokii did our event poster (THAAAANK YOOO.) and it looks terrific.

GxG Preliminary Poster

The merchant list is now current.  We got an absolutely insane number of sponsor requests – way more than I’ve ever seen.  I’ve taken the option out of the application because we’re not only full up, we’re bench deep with backups, too.  Thank you to everyone who was so eager to sponsor. Holy cow.

As of this writing the merchant list is current.  I’ve sent group invites and the first merchant pack to everyone.  If you’re looking for it in inventory, it’s an object, and it’s called Gothmas by Gaslight 2013 Merchant Pack 1.  If you’re a sponsor, it’s called Gothmas by Gaslight 2013 Sponsor Pack 1.  (the posters are slightly different. everything else is the same.)

If SL ate your group invite, you can just IM me or Lokii Violet for a new one. SL eats a lot of group invites. It happens. If you have a sim preference, please tell me. Im trying to give everyone *with* a preference the spot they want before I assign everyone else who doesn’t care.

And now, after 24 hours of staring at this spreadsheet, I’m going to go do something *else*.